Two Chairs©.

To Make Chicago SAFE.

A News Feature for Chicago TV.

Two Episodes airing six or eight weeks apart with weekly updates in between

First show two chairs. Empty. Placed on a barren, darkened set. With the official seal of the City of Chicago visible, but darkened, between the chairs. 


Now show two Chicago leaders taking their seats in the chairs. Well known. And well known for their feuding on TV news soundbytes. Facing the camera, they introduce themselves by name and title. Then they turn their chairs to face each other. In silence.


Now enter a moderator who warmly thanks both leaders for agreeing to be the first Chicago leaders to “play a game Chicago can’t afford to lose. A game to make Chicago SAFE.”


The moderator then explains the game. Its rules. And its winners and losers. Both leaders can win. So can 2.7 million Chicagoans. But ONLY if the leaders make and keep a solemn pledge to complete a Chicago SAFE project by an agreed-on date. This project must strikes Chicagoans as significant. (The leaders have already agreed on theirs after careful negotiations.) 

Next show the leaders briefly conversing with the moderator. Telling TV viewers how chose their Chicago SAFE project. How they plan to complete it on deadline. Finally, all three stand and shake hands with the moderator asking, “Will these leaders fulfill their pledge? Stay tuned for weekly updates and 


Weeks later, the concluding episode Two Chairs airs. If the pledge is fulfilled the leaders celebrate. If not, any number of options are open depending on how close the leaders came to fulfilling their pledge. 


Rinse and repeat. With new rivals. New pledges fulfilled. (Or not. Remember, it’s a game.)


Overnight, this occasional three-minute news feature is the talk of the town.

Because it’s Fresh. Exciting. Productive. And it introduces a positive note into Chicago’s strife-torn political discourse. In a concrete way, it introduces the possibility of Chicago making itself the “safest big city in the United States,” as Mayor Lightfoot has repeatedly said.