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why public safety games?

because public safety IN THE DIGITAL age is a game










Years ago, safety was a game for some Chicagoans.

For residents of mostly in poor, nonwhite neighborhoods.

Now it's a game ALL Chicagoans. Because today violence is citywide.

And it's a game for ALL Americans as well.

Because violence is nationwide.


Here we focus on Chicago.

What works in Chicago will work in

other cities. And nationwide.

There's just one way to WIN the safety game.

Play as a team. Of citizens, police, leaders and City Hall. 

On a level playing field. Rule-governed. Transparent. Inclusive.

To earn the respect of all 2.6 million Chicagoans. Not on Soldier Field.

The field is in Chicago's Digital Age public communications system.


SAFETY IS a digital age game.

media-basedfor four reasons:

IT'S A GAME_edited.jpg

  • Youth ViolenceChicago's Industrial Age game of cops and ADULT robbers has evolved to a Digital Age game of safety and YOUTH violence whose resolution requires the citywide involvement that can be generated only in Chicago's Digital Age media.

  • Law Enforcement For decades Chicago's mayors and police have pleaded with Chicagoans for help in addressing the violence of the city's heavily armed, drug-dealing, youth-victimizing street gangs. Chicago's Community Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) has yet to realize its potential for lack of a proper home base, used by all Chicagoans, in Chicago's media.

  • Citywide Ownership of Digital Devices.  The Digital Age power to make Chicago either safe or violent is now distributed citywide through the digital devices now by virtually all Chicagoans.

  • The Unifying and Trustworthy Power of TV SportsChicagoans take pride in the trustworthy telecasts of the championship drives of Chicago's beloved pro sports teams. We propose using this power to unify all Chicagoans in Chicago's ongoing drive, both contested and collaborative, to realize the universally desired goal of Citywide Safety.

ccm programs and Formats are designed to

  • Give all Chicagoans an informed and ongoing voice in the government decisions that affect their lives

  • Make Chicagoans and City Hall responsive and accountable to each other in making Chicago a safe place to visit, work, play, worship and raise a family.

  • Be scalable: to work at local, state, national and even international levels

  • To restore lost trust in political discourse and functionality to government

  • Are issue-centered and non-partisan, non ideological, dialogic and rule-governed.

  • Are intended to depolarize hyper-polarized, election-centered political discourse. In Chicago, for instance, they make it possible for polarized groups like Black Lives Matter and the Fraternal Order of Police to communicate productively.


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