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Towards a citywide media to help
Chicago make itself SAFE

OUR FOCUS AT CCM is on civic-purposed uses of Chicago's mainstream media.

SINCE THE EARLY 1990'S  Chicago Civic Media (CCM) has designed, pilot-tested and implemented new uses of Chicago's community and mainstream media. Uses capable of enabling not some but all Chicagoans, city leaders included, to advance and realize universally desired, citywide goals like good schools and safe neighborhoods and city.

ALL CCM FORMATS are designed to give all Chicagoans an informed voice in the government decisions that affect their lives.

All are designed to make Chicagoans and City Hall responsive and accountable to each other in making Chicago a safe place to visit, work, play, worship and raise a family.

Most CCM formats are public domain. You can tweak, alter and otherwise use them at no cost. (Two Chairs, featured in early 2022, is one exception.)

Almost all formats are scalable: they can work to restore lost trust and functionality to governments at local, state or national levels.

All are non-partisan, non ideological, dialogic, rule-governed and issue-centered. They work to depolarize America's hyper-polarized political discourse. In Chicago, for instance, they can make possible for deeply polarized groups like Black Lives Matter and the Fraternal Order of Police to communicate productively with each other.

CCM formats flesh out the premise that digital-age communications not only make possible but compel the creation in all democracies of new ways of doing politics and government: citizen-participatory, problem-solving and community-strengthening.