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Op Ed piece rejected by Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

"Solving Youth Violence. Building Chicagoland: Two Cricial Roles for Chicago's Media"

  • Instructor of English, Oakton Community College (2009-2013). A full account of my teaching is at Five Years at Oakton.

  • Work with AUSTIN VOICE

  • Nov 20 Police Misconduct meeting (download flyer).

  • Jul 7 Secured coverage by Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell of AUSTIN VOICE picnic for Maniac Insane Gangster Disciple gang members (the Insanes are rivals to the so-called L Street Crew whose territory on North Ave is east of 53rd Street dividing line that divides these two groups). Members of the L Street Crew work for the the AUSTIN VOICE, whose offices are 5236 W North Ave.

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