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  1. Compare both forms of violence.  Unlike industrial-age violence, digital-age violence

    1. centers mainly on young people, not adults. 

      1. surfaced in the 1960's with the youth culture and generation page of the 1960's ("never trust anyone over 30") and the rise, in Chicago and other cities, of heavily-armed, drug-dealing, youth victimizing street gangs.​

      2. At the root of Chicago's gang/youth/gun violence today are the 100,0000+ gang members who have overwhelmed law enforcement and now control large portions of the city.

    2. is increasingly caused by commercial and social media

      1. commercial media​

      2. social media

    3. is at the root of alarming breakdowns of communication in all segments and sectors of public life

      1. media-fueled political polarization at all levels of government causing rising fears of a second civil war​

    4. is therefore no longer a Public Safety problem in the industrial-age, law enforcement sense of the term.

    5. requires a new concept of public safety that makes Police, Public Health (medical), Public Communications (media) and the Public (citizens and City Hall) responsible for public safety in Chicago​ 

  2. Address media-generated mistrust as a root cause of digital age violence

  3. Use media generated to generate citywide trust as the antidote and cure for digital-age, citywide violence

    1. The only remedy for mistrust is trust

  4. s

  5. Unlike industrial-age violence, digital-age violence

  • centers on young people, not adults

  • is exacerbated by abuses ofg commercial and social media​

    • commercial media​

    • social media

  • is marked by alarming breakdowns of communication among all segments and sectors of society:  law enforcement, generations, racial, religious, economic, political

  • Is no longer a Public Safety (police) problem the traditional sense of the term.

  • Is now equally a Public Safety (Police), Public Health (Medical), Public Communication (Media) and Public (citizens and City Hall) problem.

2. identify digital-age mistrust as THE ROOT cause OF DIGITAL-AGE VIOLENCE

  • Unprecedented levels of mistrust stem from the global communication breakdowns. In Chicago, is mistrust

    • Between young people and adults​

    • Between Chicagoans and City Hall

    • Between citizens and Police

    • Among Chicagoans of all ages, races, religions and economic backgrounds

  • With respect to Chicago's violence, six decades of failed attempts to even reduce violence resulted in a citywide loss of trust in city leadership and citizenship itself.

  • This mistrust has numbed the minds of most Chicagoans and their leaders into accepting wartime levels of violence as unalterable, even natural facts of Chicago life, like brutal Chicago winters.


  • Digital media are equally part of the problem and the solution


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