State Rep: LaShaun K Ford speaking w/ Austin Students, 2014

State Rep: LaShawn K Ford speaking w/ Austin Students, 2014

Major Projects 1989-2022

2021-2022 “Two Chairs” AntiViolence News Segment for Chicago TV Stations (to be posted soon)

2020 ChicagoWRKS Project to “mobilize the entire city” to make Chicago safe.

2020 Proposal for History of Chicago Gangs since the 1960's 

2017 Chicago Civic Media

2015 The AUSTIN YOUTH SUMMIT: prime-time TV to improve community/police relations in Chicago

2015 Six Thoughts about Solutions and Media for Spike Lee and Fiul “Chiraq

2015 Planning Page: Two Options for a Chicago Youth Resource Directory (YRD)

2014 ACCORD - Austin Comprehensive Community Organizational Resource Directory

2014 - 2015 Austin Compact for Sustainable Self-Development in Chicago's Largest Neighborhood

2014 - 2015 "Full Story" Proposal for Problem-Solving Newspaper Coverage of Chicago Violence

2014 - 2017 Chicago Civic Media Blog 

2013 On the Chicago Tribune's New Plan of Chicago

2009 - 2015 Proposal for Interactive News Website for Chicago

2008 - 2017 Chicago Civic Media WordPress Blog 

2006 America's Choice: Proposal for Problem-Solving, Citizen-Participatory Reality TV. Part I of II

  • America’s Choice 

1997-2000 West Side Drug Area Shutdown Project

1997 "Keepin' It Real" Marshall High School Newspaper

1995 Local School Council (LSC) Student Represenattve: Student Communications Bill (SCB)

1994-1997 CENter citywide education news service at Roosevelt University

1992 Mayor Richard M. Daley: "Chicago has lost two generations of young people to gangs and drugs"

1989 Chicago Newspaper Education Page & Key Administrators Group

1989 "Get out the vote for LSC elections" Sun-Times Supplement