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Bottom Up, Top Down, and In Between

Thoughts on the Chicago Tribune’s “New Plan of Chicago”, a 4,000 word article arguing that youth violence in Chicago has always, and equally, been a public safety (police) problem, a public health (medical) problem and a public communications (media) problem.

  • The Austin Compact, Parts I and II

  • Dec 31 2013 Austin Compact I: Informal three-page Email to Harvard Club President Ked Fairbank and Harvard Sociologist Felton Earls proposing the Austin Compact:

  • Jun 17 2014 Austin Compact II: Five-page "Future History", "The Austin Compact: Looking Back from 2025" that gives a sunny account from the year 2525 of the ten-year progress of the The Austin Compact following its implementation by Austin residents and leaders in 2015.

  • Jun 17 2014 This account describes the outcomes to date of the The Austin Compact.

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