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it's not just possible,

it's indispensable

for three reasons:

FIRST: CITYWIDE DISTRIBUTION OF DIGITAL DEVICES Today the POWER to make Chicago safe or violent is no longer a top-down task for City Hall and law enforcement, as in Chicago's industrial age. Today responsibility for public safety belongs to ALL Chicagoans. That's because the power to make Chicago safe or violent is now distributed citywide in the digital devices owned by ALL CHICAGOANSNegatively, we see this power in cell phones and social media used to mobilize destructive gatherings of Chicago teens in key business areas of the city. Digital age public safety has become CITYWIDE TASK.  

SECOND: DIGITAL AGE PROBLEMS REQUIRE DIGITAL AGE SOLUTIONS. The digital (information) age is an age of communication fueled by digital communication technologies in our media-driven society. Since the 1960', Sensationalized, if-it-bleeds-it-leads media coverage of the uniquely digital-age violence of Chicago's heavily armed, drug dealing, youth victimizing street gangs has worked to create digital age problems of citywide non-communication that require a solution of citywide communication based on earned respect and trust..

The rise of Chicago's drug-dealing street gangs in the city's poorest, non-white neighborhoods should be seen as an urban instance of the so-called youth rebellion and counterculture of "sex, drugs and rock and roll" which by United Nations count arose in over 130 nations on both sides of the iron curtain during the 1960's. Everywhere this rebellion has been rooted in breakdowns of communication and growing MISTRUST among generations, races, and economic classes. 

Chicago's continued reliance on its industrial age law enforcement tactics to address its uniquely digital age violence exacerbates the MISTRUST that makes its gang/drug/youth/gun violence unsolvable today. Without trust, digital age cities (and nations) invariably become violent and autocratic. The TRUST needed to address Chicago's violence effectively can be created in safety-generating media forums that observe


THIRD: THE HISTORY AND FUTURE OF PUBLIC SAFETY IN CHICAGO. The evolutionary trend towarfds the use digital media to address digital age violence is the theme of our graphical 



Covering Chicago's past, present and future, this history is

Of chicago's      In chicago's      For chicago's
   past                present           future


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