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 Chicago Civic Media Projects 

SOME OF our multimedia work
over the years, mostly in Chicago.
(full archive is
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 2022    CCM Site: Chicago SAFE Theory & Chicago SAFE Practice: Two Chairs (You're here now)

 2020    CHICAGOWRKS (aka ChicagoFIXIT)  (Site. Old wine in a  new bottle) 

 2020    Open Letter to managers of Chicago’s Network TV Stations (Blog. We emailed them. No response.)

 2020    Thoughts on the Feb 23 Chicago Journalism Town Hall 2020 (Blog. Suggests a "Dear Lori" website)

 2019     What Would Daniel Burnham Say If He Could Revisit Chicago Today?  (Blog. He'd want a digital infrastructure!)

 2019     On Public Safety  in Chicago TEN MONTHS AFTER the 2019 Mayoral Election (Here's Chicago FIXIT)






 2019     On Public Safety in Chicago: SIX MONTHS AFTER  the 2019 Mayoral Election (Here's 











 2019     On Public Safety in Chicago FIVE MONTHS AFTER the 2019 Mayoral Election  (Blog - Here's ChicagoWRKS TV)

 2019     On Public Safety ON ELECTION DAY EVE of the 2019 Chicago Mayoral Election (Toni vs Lori) 

 2019     On Public Safety ON ELECTION DAY of the 2019 Chicago Mayoral Election (Blog. Mired in Violence Reduction)

 2019     Violence Reduction: Success or Failure in Chicago? (Blog. We attempt an impartial evaluation)

 2017      How Chicago Can Make Itself Safer Than New York (Blog Short) (Blog Long - Pat 1 of 4) (Blog. Chicago can!)

 2017      Thanks, President Trump, but Chicago Can Solve Violence on Its Own

 2017      Two Political Discourse Systems, Electoral and Issue Centered, for Chicago and the US (Infographic above)

 2017      The Plight of Political Discourse in Chicago (Blog. Even the elite have to pay to see what's really going on)

 2017      What the US Can Learn about Political Discourse from George Halas and the NFL

 2016     For an Issue-Centered, Outcome-Oriented Political Discourse System in America

 2016     Chicago: Tipping Point or Turning Point? (Crain's Future of Chicago Conference)

 2015     Austin Youth Summit (With THE AUSTIN VOICE) 

 2015     Parents Political University (With THE AUSTIN VOICE)

 2015     Planning Page: For a Chicago Youth Resource Directory

 2014     How Daniel Burnham, Redivivus, Inspired the Chicago Tribune’s New Plan of Chicago

 2014     Mistrust: the State of Media-Enhanced Civic Discourse in Chicago (Infographic)

 2014     “Bottom Up, Top Down, In Between”: Thoughts on the Chicago Tribune’s New Plan of Chicago

 2014     Full Story Proposal for Newspaper Coverage of Chicago Violence

 2014     Austin Compact: for Sustainable Self-Development in Chicago’s Largest Neighborhood

 2014     ACCORD: Austin Comprehensive Community Organizational Resource Directory

 2013     On the Chicago Tribune's New Plan of Chicago 

 2012     Will Chicago Ever Solve or Even Contain Its Gang/Drug/Youth/Gun Violence Problem?

 2012     On Mindism: The Pernicious Belief in Stupidity of the Average American

 2009    ChicagoWRKS Proposal for Hyperlocal Interactive Citywide News Website

 2006    America’s Choice: Proposal for Problem-Solving Reality TV (Blog: Prime Time 

 2000    Chicago Shutdown Program: Citywide Media-Supported CAPS

 1997     West Side Drug Area Shutdown Program (with THE AUSTIN VOICE)

 1999     Proposal to WMAQ TV: Chicagoland Youth Focus

 1998     Proposal to WMAQ-TV: Chicago Student Minute

 1999     u2 Youth/Adult Dialogues

 1997     Keepin It Real: Marshall High School Student Newspaper

 1995    CPS High School LSC Student Rep School Communications Bill 

 1994    Thorp Elementary School Journal

 1994    CENter Citywide Education News Service (Roosevelt University)

 1993    New Media Letter proposing mainstream Youth/Adult dialogue

 1992    Chicago Sun-Times Op Ed piece “What Should We Do to Upgrade Schools?”

 1992    Proposal for Televised Chicago Town Meeting

 1992    Mayor Daley “Chicago Has Lost Two Generations of Young People to Gangs and Drugs”

 1989    Proposal for Chicago Education Page 

 1989    Chicago Sun-Times 20-Page Get Out the Vote Supplement for First CPS LSC Elections

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our full archive of CCM Projects
and writings 
since 1989 is 

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