Articles in Print by Steve Sewall

2003-2004 Yale and the Modern World Project

1999 Jun 2 Chicago Sun-Times. Quoted by columnist Dennis Byrne in a piece about Columbine school shootings, "A Basic Failure to Communicate" (download).

1998 Jan. 9.  Chicago Reader. Grant Pick’s cover story on Austin Voice editor Brad Cummings, Keepin’ It Real: Voices of Marshall High School, co-produced with Chicago Civic Media, describes the paper as having “delighted both the Marshall administration and its student writers and editors.”

1997 Dec. 14.  Supplied Chicago Sun-Times columnist Dennis Byrne with idea for his column, “Taking back streets in Austin,” describing the Austin Drug Area Shutdown program 

1997      Dec. 12.  In his “Hot Type” column “Who Killed Marshall High’s Newspaper,” Chicago Reader media writer Michael Miner describes this CCMP co-produced publication as “a blessing to a troubled school.”

1997 Nov. 25. Wrote “Thanksgiving Deadline Met for Closing Down Top 10 Austin Dope Sites,” front page story in The Austin Voice

1997 Nov. 11. Wrote Austin Voice cover story “Austin’s Top 10 Dope Dealing Shutdown Targets” featuring photos and a large graphic with beat locations and street addresses of 71 Austin drug areas.

1996 Nov. Midwest Radical Scholars Conference. Conducted three taped workshops that were later broadcast on Chicago Access Network (CAN TV)

1996 Chicago Reader, Letter to the Editor written in defense of WVON talk radio radio as a response to a column by media critic Michael Miner

  • Letter quoted by Catherine Squires in "Black Audiences, Past and Present: Commonsense Media Critics and Activists"

1996 Jul 25 Chicago Sun-Times Columnist Dennis Byrne discusses CCM-produced student TV show "Hear Me Now" in his column, "Bill helps teens learn vital lesson: don't". 

1996    Jul 24.  Wrote "Media must campaign for true reform," Chicago Sun‑Times

1996 Summer.  Hosted and produced two “Hear Me Now” Cable TV talk shows, 60 minutes and 30 minutes, featuring youth/adult dialogues that aired multiple times on Chicago Access TV (CAN TV). 

1996 During the Democratic National Convention, secured extensive publicity for CCMP, Student Alliance, and other groups in Chicago Defender, Chicago Sun‑Times, WVON and WGCI radio, and Chicago Access Cable TV.

1995 Oct. 14.  After nine days in Guatemala City as member a special election monitoring task force, wrote a 15‑page Guatemala Support Network (GSN) Report on the Nov. 12 Guatemala Presidential Elections.  Disseminated worldwide via internet, the report election observers to Guatemala to monitor the corrupt Guatemala election process. 

1995 Oct. 28. Supplied Reuters Information Service with background and contacts for globally distributed wire story featuring interview with Jennifer Harbury, "Activist Says More Observers Needed for Guatemala Vote." PDF in GOOGLE DRIVE

1995 May StreetWise wrote “Chicago Education Network to air conference on technology” 

1994 Sep. 29 Wrote "Media Must Bring Positive Picture of Students into Focus," Chicago Sun‑Times.  Available in Google Drive as pdf:

1994 Sep 7 Chicago Sun-Times “Hard Lessons from School Reform, by Dennis Byrne, discusses Chicago Education Network’s (CENter) plans to create an education-centered network of media. Available only as PDF.

1993     Jan-Jun. 50- page Thorp Elementary School Journal based on my classroom experience in a class of nine 9th-grade students diagnosed as behavior disordered (BD) at this South Side Chicago Public School.

1993 Mar. 23 Quoted by Dennis Byrne in "Involve Kids in Their Education," Chicago Sun‑Times. Available only as pdf: file:///C:/Users/Owner/AppData/Local/Temp/1993%20Dennis%20Byrne%20Involve%20Kids%20in%20their%20Education%20.pdf

1992   Oct. 21  "Modern Criticism and Fielding's Irony," paper presented at annual conference of the Midwestern American Society for Eighteenth‑Century Studies, Toledo, Ohio.

1992 Sep. 19.  Chicago Sun‑Times Commentary, "City Students Can Have an Impact

1991 Dec.  Primary author of "Chicago Town Meeting," proposal for weekly televised public forums integrating features of the traditional New England Town Meeting and the modern TV talk show.

1991 Nov. Initiated weekly column, "Let's Talk Education," that ran for a year in the Southwest News‑Herald. 

1990 Dec.  Wrote "Can We Solve the School Reform Information Crisis?" Chicago Urban League LSC Advocate. 

1990 Nov.  Wrote "Media Problem, Media Solution," Catalyst: Voices of Chicago School Reform.  

1989 Sep. 14 Chicago Sun-Times, "Here's a scheme to win drug war"

1989 Apr. 25   Wrote "Daley on schools: Hope or empty words?" Chicago Sun‑Times. 

1989 Sep. 22  Chicago Sun-Times Proposed and secured publication of 400,000‑copy, 20-page special supplement, "Your Guide to Local School Council Vote."

1988 Nov. Wrote "Education and Economy in the Information Age," 50‑page unpublished monograph.

1984     Nov. 6  Co-author with Kenan Heise, "A Mary Herrick Sampler," Chicago Tribune.

1980 Dec Hopkins Alumni Magazine “A New School in Chicago: A Personal Report

1980   Jul. 25 Front-page Chicago Tribune column by Jack Mabley, "It's Back to Basics for private school” describes Thomas Jefferson Academy.

1975 Jun 13 Chicago Daily News, Insight feature, “How crime rides the night L: Bold Jackrollers known to trainmen”  

1972 Aug 4, Chicago Reader, “Inside the Challenge,” on the Singer delegation challenge to Daley delegation at the 1972 Democratic Convenion in Miama, Florida

1972 Jul 21 GUTS: “Strained Backs, Jammed Fingers and Hard Drinking in Copper Harbor,” about the 1972 Guts Frisbee Champtionships

1974 Oct 10, "Insight" Feature in the Chicago Daily News, "Bold Jackrollers ride CTA"